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Drei-Achs Gyroskop Breakout - L3G4200D

Drei-Achs Gyroskop Breakout - L3G4200D


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Drei-Achs Gyroscope Breakout mit L3G4200D / I2C

Drei-Achs Gyroskop Breakout - L3G4200D

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This is a breakout board for the L3G4200D low-power three-axis angular rate sensor. The L3G4200D has a full scale of ±250/±500/±2000 dps and is capable of measuring rates with a user-selectable bandwidth. These work great in gaming and virtual reality input devices, GPS navigation systems and robotics.


  • Three selectable full scales (250/500/2000 dps)
  • I2C/SPI digital output interface
  • 16 bit-rate value data output
  • 8-bit temperature data output
  • Wide supply voltage: 2.4 V to 3.6 V
  • Low voltage-compatible IOs (1.8 V)
  • Embedded power-down and sleep mode
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • High shock survivability

Product Attachments

View FileL3G4200D Datasheet    Size: (1006.05 KB)
View FileL3G4200D Arduino Example Code    Size: (2.08 KB)
View FileL3G4200D Arduino Library    Size: (5.62 KB)
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